Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hey, welcome.

Hey, welcome. This medium is most interesting to meet people that we would otherwise not encounter. Maybe it's mix of fate and chance to connect with like-minded individuals. Like mine, are you looking for adventure, experience and growth? I am a busy professional and mother with a flexible schedule and big aspirations. I spend most of my weekday eves with my boys and am commited to my time with them. Are you smart, ambitious, laid-back person with or without children? If you are looking for a mate to start a family--- I'm on a different path, the next stage. My children spend a great deal of time with their father and family. I love sports erotica! I am seeking a friend to share exciting (and sometimes not so exciting) moments, to travel with, to cook with, to lounge and navigate the play side of life with- does that sound like a relationship? I guess, if it grew to that. And grew very slowly. One never knows-

Best of luck to all!
Of those whose soul was stirred by my words, smile and candor, let's go for a beer.